Tortilla Española

4:57 AM

Tortilla Española:

Tortilla Española. Just the name of this dish makes my mouth water. I have to say that this is one of my favorite dishes, if not my favorite, that I've tried here. I realize that this isn't a dish typical to only the Galicia area, but this totally deserved to be mentioned. Tortilla Española is made up of three simple ingredients; egg, potato, and onions. After combining all the ingredients, the tortilla is then cooked in a pan and ready to serve. Such a simple recipe, yet it has everything that you could want in a dish. Tortilla Española is basically served whenever and wherever. For tapas, for lunch, for dinner, in a sandwich, you name it! I can even remember the first time I tried a tortilla Española, which was at a taparía. It was probably one of the first Spanish foods that I had tried in Spain, and it still pretty much reigns my favorite. I really want to learn how to cook this and take this recipe back home to make for friends and family. This is a super great Spanish dish to try while visiting or even to cook in the comforts of your own home. If you'd like to make this recipe for yourself, check out this link. It's a great dish for somewhat pickier eaters and smaller kids as well. Personally, I prefer that there be more egg in the tortilla than potato, resulting in a less dry tortilla. The best tortilla that I've had here has been from a small taparía in the city of Santiago, and all I had to do was buy a drink! The tortilla came free with the drink as a tapa. It was made exactly the way I like it and it was the most satisfying tortilla I've ever had. Whether you visit Spain or not, I completely recommend that you try this easy-to-make and delicious dish.

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