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I personally do not like empanada all that much. I take that back, I do like empanada, but I'm a little particular about what is inside. Personally, fish inside the fried dough with raisins does not necessarily appeal to me all that much. Empanada is definitely not limited to just fish and raisins though, you can put literally just about anything inside an empanada. I swear, here in Spain, they have empanaderías, which translates to empanada store. Yes, there are stores that literally just sell empanadas stuffed with different things to your heart's content. I think that it is not a very flavorful food, mainly due to the outside fried dough component. The dough is pretty flavorless, sometimes lacking even salt, and it just acts as a filler in my opinion, serving no real purpose. Even the texture is quite dull, so I can't give empanadas anything over two stars. It deserves two stars because of all the amazing variety and I'm that there's at least one for everyone, but I really just don't like the seafood ones too much. Honestly, nothing about this food really excites me. But I think it's worth a try if you visit the area and it makes a quick and easy snack in between breakfast and lunch. Many people do really enjoy them and who knows, you might too.

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