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Caldo is a delicious soup dish that contains potatoes, vegetables, beans, and sometimes chorizo or some type of meat. The broth is somewhat bland in flavor, in fact, when my relatives visited, they tried some caldo and they all agreed that it was almost flavorless. Being from Texas, we have some pretty hearty stews and soups, so this lighter and thinner soup was definitely somewhat new to me. I actually really enjoy this soup and I love the warmth it brings to me on a cold winter day. Vigo doesn't necessarily get too cold, but I always seem to be frozen here. The vegetables in caldo are very typical here and are known in English as turnip greens. They're used in another popular dish as well called cocido. I've awarded this dish four stars because I've definitely fallen in love with it, but I do agree that it's a little bland in flavor, which is something I can about most Spanish foods because I'm so used to eating very flavorful Asian and Italian cuisine. I really like soup and just about any type of soup, so this is probably one of my favorite dishes here. Check out this video on how to make it!

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