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 Filloas are a dessert here in Spain that are quite popular. They strongly resemble a crepe, but they're a little thinner. Personally, I don't see much of a difference. But I love dessert so I don't necessarily spend too much time looking at the dessert on the plate because I'm too busy eating it. These wonderful little thin pancakes of heaven can be topped with absolutely anything you want! Dulce de leche, chocolate, whipped cream, and/or caramel. It's always so nice to have one of these warm comfort foods on a cold day. They honestly do remind me a little bit of pancakes, so they are kind of a nice little reminder of home. The reason filloas get five stars form me is because of how simple they are to make and how diverse they can be. It's an easy base recipe with not too many ingredients and then you can create your ideal dessert by topping it with whatever you want. It's such an easy recipe that we make filloas almost every Saturday in my house here and have them for breakfast. I love watching people make them as well! you can check out a video of that here.
This is another recipe that I'd love to learn to make as skillfully as the person in the video so that I can make it for my American family when I return. I love how I can put literally anything I want in or on the filloas! In my house on Saturdays, my little siblings usually eat their filloas with Nutella and whipped cream. I love it with just about anything and I don't really have a preference about what goes on it. I recommend giving this recipe a try in home and have fun putting making them any way you'd like!

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