Pementos de Padrón

1:50 AM

Pementos de Padrón: ✩ ✩

 These delicious peppers make a tasty addition any meal and I get excited every time I see them out on the table. This dish is made up of small peppers that are fried and salted. Pementos de padrón are not spicy... like everything else here in Spain. I'd love for these to spicy, but that's just not really ever the case. Regardless, these peppers are basically everything that I want in a little side dish. The reason this dish has earned five stars in my eyes is because of how tasty and fun it is. I fondly remember my first night and Spain and the barbecue that I attended with my new family. There were pementos de padrónes and I remember how funny it was to watch people get a "spicy pepper". I guess it was somewhat of a bonding experience and definitely a conversation starter. They remind me a bit of shishito peppers, which is a food that I am very familiar with and love. Winter is not the season for these peppers, which makes me so sad because I can't find them too often anymore, but in the summer, almost every restaurant has pementos de Padrón. A must try when visiting the Galician area!

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