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Churrasco: ✩ ✩ ✩

A pretty yummy dish that consists of pork ribs sometimes topped off with a tasty red sauce that consists of olive oil and paprika called chimichurri. Churrasco is a very common dish in the summer, in fact, I first tried churrasco after a long day at the beach last summer. This is one of the few rare dishes in Spain where it is acceptable to ditch the silverware and use your hands. I have rewarded this dish three stars because, just being completely honest, it definitely does NOT beat my uncle's barbecue Texas-style ribs with BBQ sauce. Being Texas born and raised, I have very high expectations and standards of meat. Although these aren't quite comparable to Texas ribs, churrasco is a delicious meal that I would recommend to anyone visiting the Galician region who might not exactly be brave enough to try something like the octopus. I think that they are a bit flavorless without the sauce, but being from Texas, I think anything is pretty tasty if it's meat. Churrasco initially threw me off when I had my first bite because I was expecting that smoky barbecue taste that I know and love. I've grown to love this new flavor of ribs as well and I look forward to every time we go to have churrasco. The best churrasco I've tried here has been from a family friend that we usually go visit about once a week or once every two weeks. They serve it with chorizo and another type of sausage and patatas fritas, or french fries! French fries are a pretty typical side dish here, but prepare to be shamed and given dirty looks if you reach for them with your hands like any sensible American would!

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