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Cocido is a very typical dish in the Galician area that is made up of different cuts and types of meat, chorizo, potatoes, chickpeas, and turnip greens. This is a somewhat special meal and there are special restaurants that only serve cocido. For example, we had this meal on All Saints Day and also Three Kings Day. This was another dish that my Indonesian family ate while here, and they loved it! The greens, potatoes, and chickpeas are boiled in the same water that the meat was cooked in, resulting in the tastiest and most flavorful vegetables, potatoes, and chickpeas. I've previously mentioned these turnip greens in an earlier post about Caldo. This vegetable is so popular here and used in many dishes. Cocido is a very diverse dish and can be served with so many different options. There are so many different variates of chroizo and meat to be used in this dish, it's really incredible. There's sure to be something that you like on the gigantic plate of food, so you're basically guaranteed to enjoy this meal! But I must mention that sometimes there will be pig ears or the snout as well. The first time, it completely shocked me! And if we're being completely honest, I didn't try either of those parts. My Spanish family was completely unfazed and they even enjoyed the ears and snout. Cocido deserves 4 stars in my opinion because it's basically a delicious food overload. Every time that we eat it, I always end up very full and very happy. It's such a delicious meal with so many different components that all go hand in hand. You can't go wrong with it! A very tasty dish that is worth looking for when visiting.

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